Underwater Videography

Underwater Videography

This is one of our latest movies we made on our trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bangka and Lembeh is great for macro life, here we used the Amphibico Wave for Sony CX560 with macro lenses to capture this footage. We also made a promo video for Nomad Divers during our stay.

We use the best manufacturers for our underwater housings (see below) and we believe that when shooting video underwater, a video camera should be used, not a compact still camera which some other companies seem to think is acceptable.

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Aquatica/Amphibico HD Wave for Sony CX560

The HD Wave for Sony CX560 is a fantastic camera.  Its very small and practical, the buttons are easily accessible and you can use all the manual funtions of the camera including manual white balance and manual focus.  The Sony CX560 has the Exmor-R CMOS sensor so it is very good in low light conditions.

We have a wideangle lens and a flat port which accepts macro lenses. The housing also has a hydrophone to record sound underwater and an attachment for tripods.

Lights are easy to attach onto the handles, we have the small yet powerful Light & Motion Sola 2000 which you will get to use for the 'Professional Videographer' course.




Gates for Sony CX700


Gates are widely regarded as the best manufacturer of underwater housings. They are made from quality ‘bulletproof’machined aluminium so they are very durable and reliable. They are very practical and a pleasure to use. Fingertip controls are 100% mechanical – no sticky buttons, faulty electronics or dead batteries.  This housing allows full control of all the cameras functions such as manual white balance and manual focus. Quality optics means clarity, sharpness and no vignetting (cutoff dark corners) to spoil your images. We also have a flat port for this camera for shooting macro.

The Sony CX700 captures stunning quality HD video and with the Exmor R sensor it is very good in low light conditions which is great when shooting underwater.